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I read this book and wanted to love science as Hope does. I wanted to be as tenacious as Bill is. I wanted to be a botanist. I wanted to be a tree hugger. This is an amazing read. Hope and Bill went through enough things to make this into a movie. Not only is truth stranger than fiction, it is also more fun.

The first thing that bubbles up is Hope’s love for plants and science. She describes her struggles with mania. She requests for umpteen grants. I realize science is not easy. I heard her mention on NPR radio that she stretched every quarter to a dollar to make it last more. She felt humble being able to work on what she loved.

Bill is an unbelievable character. He starts off homeless. He lives, shaves and eats in a van. Then he is promoted to sleeping and living in the labs. He has dedicated his life to science. He is a true good hacker.

Its comical how they meet, how Hope offers Bill a job and how Bill accepts it. That begins an adventure that sounds like a movie plot. There is the amazing trip to iceland. They unsuccessfully bluff at airport customs.

Hope and Bill are an inspiration. Their loyalty is unparalleled. They remind me of my favorite fictional duo: Hari Seldon and Yugo Amaryl from the Foundation series science-fiction books. Seldon the scientist and Yugo the eternal workaholic.

This is a great book. It is an inspiration for anyone to become the best in whatever they are doing.

September 2016