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This is book four of the seven-book Foundation series. I read this after the book Second Foundation. This book is awesome! Even more amazing is that Asimov published this in 1982. That is almost 30 years after publishing the prior book in the foundation series in 1953. And Asimov had not lost his edge.

Trevize is a rebel of the First Foundation. Trevize and his side-kick Pelorat are on the quest to find the Second Foundation.

Trevize has the most advanced gravitic ship. Trevize controls it with his mind and it can make many hyper-jumps within no time. The technical description was fulfilling. The technology excited me. He sets about his quest by trying to find Earth. They have side-adventures on the planet Comporellon.

Gendibal is a rising star of the Second Foundation. He has his set of political infighting. This sounded very much like office politics. He is searching for the more powerful in mental powers than them.

They all end up near the mythical planet of Gaia which is not mapped anywhere in their database. A stalemate occurs and Trevize needs to break the deadlock. The future of the entire galaxy hangs on his decision.

Asimov’s creativity and imagination blew me away.

June 2017